Storms: the Before, the During, the After

from by Walk Your Bike

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Tesla watched as many bolts were drawing near, his hair was standing up on end, and then finally it happened. Lightning struck a conductor and the machine was brought to life. He beamed as his machine drew breath and began to whir mechanically. Tesla’s creation generated a great noise not heard on Aerth for thousands of years, the sounds of machinery. As the sounds rang out, the storms severity became calamitous. The storm reacted with great force in fear of the machine. Lightning rained from sights unseen as Tesla leapt.

He hit the water hard, but surfaced in time to see the explosion. He saw bits of his machine diffusing and scattering to dust in the air. Great waves grasped the inventor, then plunged him deep into the sea. He was left floating free in a darkness

He began to hear voices and his awareness grew sharp. The voices grew stronger, and became melodious, it made him accept his certain fate.
He strained his eyes in the murky water and he beheld a great many beings. Curiously, they appeared to be breathing easily.


from Storms, released April 30, 2015
 Composed by Dan Henri.
 Written by Colin Shannon (outro) and Seth Weddle (outro).
 Music by Dan Henri (guitar, bass, piano, electronics), Doug Wozniak (drums).




Walk Your Bike Ypsilanti, Michigan

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