Tesla's Dream

from by Walk Your Bike

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Floating downwards
Aerthlings swimming around
Like a meditation,
they lure me in, deeper
With her hand on my forehead
I begin falling rapidly through time

[Dream Sequence]

Tesla was plunged into a deeper dream more vivid than any before.
He was placed upon a great mountain and watched as the waters receded around him
Taking earth and giving earth
The ships were taken apart by great machines and he watched them magically become living things again, filling the land with awe.
Time stopped here and Tesla began to watch a scene unfold.

Smoke can be seen as machines grow near with blade and fire
lumber and ruin soon cover the green below
Man so destructive, made their home a poisoned well
operators with antennas carrying out the orders from their head
"Take all the colors, build ships and follow orders!"
The land began to turn grey in ruin
as they haul away the resources, building vessels for their purpose

One remaining land stays gleaming in the distance
On the barren soil on the edge of the colors,
a large crowd of people had gathered, they looked mournful but devoted
They joined hands and formed a line barricading the machines from entering, but still they approached
The machines stop briefly to contemplate their movement
but decide to push on, into a crowd of screams

They reached out with their oars that cracked loudly like thunder
painting their body colors onto the grey earth below
the sun began to set for the last time for many years as the last colors were stripped away

[End Dream Sequence]

Watching from clouds, down to a scene
The storms carry on, and destroy the machine
Advance the Time, far and fast
Shade consumes all gone
Neptune, delighted, covers all land
Some lived on boats while others swam
and others stay floating,
they go without trace
Wake up, the meaning..


from Storms, released April 30, 2015
 Composed by Eugen Prokott.
 Written by Seth Weddle and Colin Shannon.
 Music by Eugen Prokott (guitar, bass), Doug Wozniak (drums), Marko Milosevic (vocals), Daniel Engerer (drums), Alyssa Mae Parsons (violin).




Walk Your Bike Ypsilanti, Michigan

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